Helios has a number of features and parameters making it not only a unique, but incredibly accurate software.

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Helios is a state-of-the-art software for determining the radiation dose received by aircrew

Parameters and Features

Helios has a number of unique parameters and features that set it apart from other software.

Geographic Coordinates

The position of the aircraft relative to Earth’s magnetic field changes the radiation dose value. Generally speaking, flying at higher latitudes and altitudes leads to higher radiation exposure.

Forbush Decrease

An active sun can increase the heliocentric potential over the course of only a few hours. This produces a slight decrease in the dose received. Helios is able to detect these Forbush Decreases.

Aircraft flight deck with flight displays, switches and knobs

Proprietary In House Solution

ACD Research processes all of its data in house. This means your data are never shared with or processed by a third party, and are therefore kept confidential.

Solar Activity

We apply the solar activity from the actual time of flight to more accurately calculate the dose values for each and every flight leg.

Nonvertical Cutoff Rigidity

To more accurately model the incoming cosmic radiation, the base code for Helios takes into account a particles angle of incidence. This means a more accurately calculated dose.

Digital Delivery

Whether we’re delivering results directly to you or also your region’s dose registry, digital delivery means you don’t have to wait to know you’re taken care of. 

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